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              Surface-Evaporation Air Cooler

              Surface evaporative air cooler is refer to spraying the soft water to the outer surface of heat exchange tube by spray facilities inside equipment to form a continuous uniform thin water film, the evaporation of water film would make air through bear tube to increase humidity for approaching saturation which after that shall be extracted and evacuated into the ambient air by induced draft - axial flow fan ;

              It has many advantages such as high efficiency for heat transfer, good cooling effect, small heat transfer area required,compacted structure; low energy and water consumption, low operation cost;low investment cost, small occupied area; flexible operation and good operability.

              It is suitable for condensering and cooling of industries such as oil and gas on the top of various towers, cooling of oil products, cooling between compressor stages, power, metallurgy, cooling water and steam as well as refrigerant etc. in refinery and chemical industry and for cooling closed circuit circulation of other process.

              Product Applicaiton

              • Evaporation Air Coolers

              • Applied in Harbin Refining Co.,Ltd.

              • Applied in Harbin Refining Co.,Ltd.

              • Applied in Tianjin Steel Co.,Ltd.

              Typical Cases

              • The first domestic IncoIoy825 air cooler

              • CNPC’s first set of 10-million-ton grade refinery in South of China

              • The first domestic high pressure air cooler with surfacing with band-electrode

              • The first domestic high-pressure composite plate - 825 air cooler

              • The first domestic double plug high pressure air cooler (the largest domestic residual oil hydrogenation unit)

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              TEL : 0451-58699963 / 0451-84674449